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Mercurial Vapor IX,Mercurial Vapor 9 & Nike Mercurial 9

Except for children just getting started in the game, Nike Mercurial 9 wear cleats when playing. Without Mercurial Vapor IX even the best player will have difficulty maintaining traction on the field. Soccer cleats come in various styles and prices, and offer different features. Factors to consider in selecting the proper cleats are the player's ability, the playing surface and budget.

When going to purchase cleats, the player should bring a pair of soccer socks and the player's shin pads. Some styles of shin pads have detachable ankle supports. These ankle supports cover the ankle and also go under the foot. The bulk added by the shin guards and the soccer socks will affect the fit of the cheap soccer shoes. Cleats that are selected while wearing typical athletic socks may not fit properly when shin guards and soccer socks are worn.

The first step in selecting cleats is to determine the appropriate size. Most soccer shoes are labeled with both American and European sizes. The American sizes assigned soccer cleats are consistent with traditional American shoe sizes. The fit of soccer shoes is different from that of street shoes as they are often designed with a more narrow upper than most shoes. This design allows the player to have better control of the ball. Although the top of the shoe may feel a little snugger than usual, it is important the shoe not hurt. As when shopping for any type of shoe it is best to shop in the afternoon when feet are often swollen from normal activity. Don't go shopping when feet are already sore from that morning's soccer game.